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Stage 1 Performance Air Cleaner - Black

Item # 2881779-521

$499.99 USD
Fitment Info Available At Dealer Only

Product Info

3% increase in Horsepower and Torque. The key to making power with any engine is abundant air and fuel flow into the combustion chamber. Swapping your stock air filter for this Stage1 High Performance Air Cleaner is a great way to create more power and improve acceleration. Not only does the Stage 1 Performance air cleaner non-woven media improve power through better flow, it also provides high efficiency cleaning to protect your engine from damaging dirt and debris. The muscle car-inspired design increases the volumetric efficiency  and creates a ram air effect, which increases engine power as you increase the speed of the motorcycle. Variable length fins inside the intake tract are tuned to optimize and smooth the airflow inside the housing. The steel cover provides the same legroom as stock. Adding the final bit of style is the iconic Indian® script logo embossed across the face of the housing cover.
 Important Regulatory Information

What's Included

  • Air cleaner cover and base, installation hardware, brackets and filter media. Also includes Stage 1 VCM Calibration.

Product Summary

Recommended With
Stage 1 Exhaust, Stage 2 Performance Cams
Ease Of Installation
Dealer Install Only
Black Engine Wrinkle
1 Year From Date of Purchase
This kit meets EPA and CARB emission limits. Non-competition street use may violate federal noise limits. Please see below for further information 50 state emissions compliant. Non-competition street use may violate federal noise limits. Indian Motorcycle® recognizes the importance of environmental laws that regulate exhaust and noise emissions and is committed to developing performance parts that allow motorcycle enthusiasts to modify their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner for racing applications. Emissions / Safety: Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperative any part installed on motor vehicles by Indian Motorcycle® affecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles manufactured for use on a public street or highway. Violation may result in fines. International markets, please consult your local laws for additional information. Noise: Certain Indian Motorcycle® performance parts are subject to noise-related usage restrictions. The warning statement for these parts includes the statement, “Non-competition street use may violate federal noise limits.” These products are designed for use on closed course competition motorcycles only and do not conform to U.S. EPA noise emission standards. Use on motorcycles subject to EPA noise regulations constitutes tampering and is a violation of Federal law unless it can be shown that such use does not cause the motorcycle to exceed applicable Federal Standards.