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Headdress Floorboard Pads

Numéro d’article 2879606-01

259,99 $ CAD

Informations sur le produit

Floorboards, which are commonly regarded as strictly utilitarian components, become stylish custom elements of your Indian Motorcycle® when you switch to a set of Headdress Floorboard Pads with Polish Inlays. They are direct replacements for the stock floorboards, and they feature a stylish top surface with a polished stainless steel inlay that adds a bright custom touch to the center section of the motorcycle. These floorboards feature Indian Motorcycle® Headdress icon branding and provide a rider’s feet with sure footing.
  • Color: Polished steel inlays on surface of floorboards
  • Material: Rubber and stainless steel
  • Feature: Indian Motorcycle® icon branding
  • Installation: Directly replace stock floorboards using stock fasteners
  • Includes Left and right Floorboard Pads

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